Our People And R & D

Our People And Research & Developement

Our People

 A combination of excellent management and skilled workforce forms a strong basis to our business undertaking. As a team, we share 10 years of experience ensuring deliveries of client’s requirements. Our team comprises 9 dedicated divisions to ensurebimplementation of projects runs smoothly. They are Commercial, Asset Management, Admin/Human Resource & Support Service,Legal, Research & Development, Finance, Operations,Business Development and Insurance.
Each department is staffed by responsible and courteous members. We communicate regularly from the initial stage until the completion of a project. Emphasizing a focus on customer’s requirements, we hold great knowledge and capabilities ensuring satisfaction every time.

Research and Development

Investing in R&D enablesus to experiment first hand application and equip ourselves with quick solution to further improve  a product design, it thrusts our relevance in the construction industries to level that has made us a benchmark to our competitor. At MRSB,we have a dedicated and pro-active workforce ready to leap into the future, eager to embrace innovation technology. With deepemphasisi to precision and zero tolerance mistakes, perfection is never far from our final assemble products.