Menara Rezeki Sdn Bhd (MRSB)


Menara Rezeki Sdn Bhd (MRSB) is an interior design company and accelerator in the construction sector. Since its incorporation in 2002, a humble beginning of undertaking small projects, the company has now built enviable trusts from esteemed and satisfied clients. As a specialist in interior design and renovation works, we have completed various projects for corporate and financial institutionns, academias, hospitality industry players and residential developers.

From that humble beginning, we chart our success through building a relationship based on client- supplier respect and understanding and embark to break all frontiers. Recognized as one of the top SME’s (HPBS) Programme know as Teras (under TERAJU), a programme geared toward increasing Bumiputera’s contribution to National GDP to 20% of the total. It thus enable us to take on construction projects of at least RM 20 million in value.